Tom Adams
In Darkness — Single

Aug 03, 2018

“I didn’t grow up with the internet or using computers, but in the last 20 years, my experience has reversed and now many things are unavoidably filtered by computers. Even some of the most fundamental aspect of our lives such as relationships and life aspirations are intrinsically shaped by them. It’s not about if is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or even a Digital vs Analogue debate, it is about the speed with which technology has become an essential part of our lives without anyone stopping to ask if this is actually a good idea.”

Best New Artist of 2017 NPR’s Bob Boilen

‘Effortlessly nestles expansive melodies alongside spellbinding falsetto’ Metro

‘Tom Adams has a voice that will leave you speechless’ Wonderland

‘A wonderfully intimate, intensely emotive experience’ Clash Magazine

“In Darkness” out now.

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      In Darkness - Tom Adams