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Exploring off-kilter electronic rhythms and disorienting sonics, florestano carves out unique, constantly shifting soundworlds on his debut album ‘Noh‘. Emphasizing an organic foundation for his ornate compositions, many of the songs on ‘Noh‘ began on his old black piano and drums before weaving in the synthesized sounds of hardware and software. He strategically sculpts and re-arranges the building blocks to create something aesthetically alien – while retaining a core human element that seeps through each phrase.

Masterfully using tension as an instrument, there’s a stark, cinematic quality running through florestano‘s ‘Noh‘ that gives equal. The Italian producer florestano (aka Leonardo Salvaro) is intent on pushing new ideas into minimalist frameworks with drum patterns tangling and untangling within the intricate arrangements. The resulting songs exude an uncanny directness and sense of urgency, despite all it’s heady complexities on the surface.

Never fully placing itself into any genre, Salvaro’s sound sculptures flirt with highly-swung techno sensibilities, the dissonance and sound design of experimental/glitch, and the exciting unpredictability of avant-jazz.

Not all of ‘Noh‘ originates from such deliberate means. Some moments came about by happy accident, such as “7 of Diamonds” which was born out of the sound of pushing excess sugar to bottom of his teacup, inspired by what he was hearing – Salvaro experimented with different grains and liquids until he found the perfect sample of crushing cooking salt in a glass of water and recorded that as the base for the song. It’s this kind of playfulness that helps makes ‘Noh‘ such an addictive, distinct listen as one of this year’s most daring debuts. nods to instrumentation both natural and synthesized.


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