Ex Mykah
Faceless — Single

Jul 26, 2018

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A response to society’s unraveling moral fabric, the latest single “Faceless” from Ex Mykah spotlights the West’s increasingly naked fear of ‘the other’. Meshing haunting hip-hop structures with leftfield popflourishes, the LA-based producer/vocalist takes aim at the toxic, hypocritical pedantry embedded into ourpolitics and religion.

“Faceless’ offers another clue into Ex Mykah’s forthcoming debut album hinting at a sound that is equallyseductive as it is idiosyncratic, with its narrative gravitating towards the grim realities of this modern age:unjust economic systems, drug abuse, increasing tribalism/hive-mind, and the decline of a nowunrecognizable ‘America’.

“Gritty yet with a sensual quality, Ex Mykah’s music takes its cues from contemporaries such as KendrickLamar and Frank Ocean.” – Clash Music

“Lushly produced—maybe even to the point of adjectives like “narcotic”—hip-hop-gone-abstract song that’sbristling with strange and anxious energy in everything from its rhythm to its melody.” – LA Record

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      Ex Mykah — Faceless