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After a steady year of touring, Italy’s Erio returns with the ambitious, urgent second avant-pop offering ‘Inesse’, meshing twisted electronic sounds with beat-driven R&B/hip-hop-influenced atmospheres. Centered around a series of short and fragmented stories, Erio’s guiding voice throughout ‘Inesse’ touches upon the most disparate registers and seemingly infinite harmonies weaving his unique falsetto into warped vocal soundscapes.
‘Inesse’ was born mainly in London and his songs tell some of the stories lived by our protagonist . These are a collection of moments (travels, as well as relationships) that, even if destined to end in a short time, continue to live. His previous album ‘Fur El’ explored an external reality just out of reach – making it more desirable, ‘Inesse’ is a dedication to all the inner realities that live independently from the outside world. The lyrics present excerpts of candid yet cryptic stories of urban life, tragicomic virtual loves, addiction and obsession, against the moving background of a journey in search of their place in the modern world.
This new album sees Erio in the producer’s chair for the first time with the help of Yakamoto Kotzuga (“The Biggest of Hearts, A Glowing Gash”), Ioshi (“Kill it! Kill it!”), and Will Rendle (“Limerence”).
The cover image is an oil painting made by Erio himself, while the graphic design was created by Erio and Lorenzo Santagada. The design’s exterior is austere and dark while the interior is pop, colorful and rich. The three “Erii” on the cover represent the various entities that an individual hides within himself as three distinct bodies, inviting the observer to open the record and discover the reality that is hidden there.


Billy Burrell: