Head High — Single

Aug 03, 2018

“I envisioned those women who carry huge, heavy baskets of fruit on their heads while remaining so poised and graceful as if the burden wasn’t there. My burden is emotional. At the time I was extremely depressed and finding it impossible to dig myself out. I’ve spent my life in and out of depression and always feeling like an outlier, a freak on the inside but rarely do I show it. On the outside I show confidence and strength and seem to fit in but during these bouts I feel insecure, depleted and weak. I’m a good faker and I learned over time that if you fake anything long enough it can begin to feel “normal”. The battle to fit into society’s constrictive concept of life and love is exhausting and hopeless. I’ve tried to be “normal”. I went to university, got my degree, fell in love, got married, had a monogamous relationship, lived together, had 2 cats, but it never felt right. I felt trapped and suffocated by these inhumane, unhealthy structures and concepts. I am saddened by our system that brainwashes people into believing education, material objects, beauty, money, marriage and a pension will fulfill them. This song is about the constant struggle to protect myself from a society that tells me I am not good enough. So my head may be high but my heart is low. “



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