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The term “prolific” can definitely come into play when discussing the work of Computer Jay. The Los Angeles native has released his own material (Savage Planet Discotheque 1 & 2) as well as music on various labels and assorted remixes, worked with a multitude of artists as a producer, engineer, DJ and touring/session musician. He was a member of the acclaimed trio Master Blaster (w/ Dam Funk) and half of the project Computer Killer (w/ The Gaslamp Killer). When he got tired of doing stage shows alone, he built a robot versus hiring a hype man.

His music has influences that travel from Funkadelic to Fabio Frizzi and everywhere in between. Through his exploration of space through sound, the listener finds themselves transported to a dimension outside of conventional time. As much as the listener wants to place the music within the context of the moment, you can only feel like a witness to either a parallel present or an alternate future.

phil.canning@kowloon-records. com